We opened our first restaurant in Napoli in 1999. Since then we’ve become Italy’s favourite pizza, which is why Italians eat our pizza all over Italy everyday, and why they seek us out when in the UK.

 We try to make the most authentic Neapolitan pizza and pasta in the UK and the reason is simple: making the best pizza and pasta means pizza and pasta made by Neapolitan chefs from Neapolitan ingredients.

We only use ingredients we source ourselves from in and around the Naples region, just like we do back home in Italy. We only use Pizzaioli (our best Pizza Chefs) who come from pizzaioli families, as we know they have been around real pizza-making their whole lives. And we only cook with wood in traditional wood burning ovens made for us in Italy.

If you haven’t tried our food yet, come to visit us!


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