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A cake “as delicious as the voice of a siren”

PastieraHave you ever tasted the traditional Neapolitan cake called Pastiera? Pastiera is a wheat cake made with ricotta cheese and candied oranges prepared by families throughout the Neapolitan region especially around Easter. There are several stories around the origins as far back as Constatine the Emperor however our favourite is the ancient legend of the siren Partenope.

partenorestore3The Legend of Partenope:

Partenope would rise from the water of the Gulf of Naples every Spring singing enchanting songs and delighting people with her voice.  Apparently one year the people of Naples fell so in love with her songs that they decided to offer her the most precious products of their land. Seven of the most beautiful girls of the area gave the beautiful siren flour, ricotta, eggs, wheat, orange blossom water and spices, including cinnamon and sugar. Partenope, thrilled with her gifts, decided to return to her home under the sea and offer her gifts to the Gods. To honour her beauty the Gods mixed the ingredients together creating a cake as delicious as the voice of the siren; The Neopolitan Pastiera.

The Neapolitan Pastiera, priced £5.95 per portion, is available in Rossopomodoro restaurants in Camden, Chelsea, Covent Garden, Hoxton, Oxford Street, Swiss Cottage and Wandsworth until the end of April.