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Salvatore De Crescenzo won the Gran Coppa Rossopomodoro 2018!

During the ‘Napoli Pizza Village 2018‘ has been granted the ‘Gran Coppa Rossopomodoro 2018/17 ° Trofeo Caputo‘ in which 72 Rossopomodoro pizza-makers, coming from cities such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Monaco, Copenhagen and clearly from all the cities of Italy, competed in the categories “STG” (specialità tradizionale garantita / traditional specialty guaranteed) and “classic pizza”.

The winner was Salvatore De Crescenzo, the first pizza chef of Rossopomodoro in Copenhagen, the restaurant located inside the ILLUM shopping centre, exactly on the top floor of the historic building in the city center, which became famous for its innovative and amazing design.

The extraordinary ability of the pizza maker Salvatore De Crescenzo has made Rossopomodoro a point of reference in Copenhagen, both for Italians and for Danish people.

This award confirms the skill of “Sasà” that attracts pizza-loving customers with his spontaneous Neapolitan sympathy, his smile and his great mastery, showing that the best pizza in the world is always and only the Neapolitan! Talented and fast, Sasà can prepare over 500 pizzas when the restaurant is really busy but without ever giving up the quality and beauty of his pizza, always prepared according to the rules of the long proofing of Rossopomodoro. He puts a lot of passion in pizza masterclasses made with great success for a lot of clients.

The race ended on the 6th night, shortly after 2.30am. A marathon that for three whole afternoons and evenings saw over 700 pizza makers from all over the world compete on the Lungomare di Napoli for the ‘XVII Campionato del Mondo del Pizzaiuolo Trofeo Caputo‘, promoted by the ‘Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletani‘ and by ‘Mulino Caputo‘. The winners of the cup are the pizza chefs of the historic Neapolitan brand who scored the best score in the classification for the category “STG”, that is pizza Marinara made with tomato, garlic and oregano or Margherita pizza topped with San Marzano or Agro Nocerino tomato, fiordilatte, extra virgin olive oil and basil, with a 8-12 hours proofed dough. Rossopomodoro has rewarded the winners with a sculpture representing Vesuvius, which was created by the Neapolitan artist Ulderico Pinfildi. An hand-made clay work, an award desired by Rossopomodoro to create a fusion between the artistry of the award and that of the craft of the pizza maker.

“For us it is a great pride to have a winner like Salvatore who has always stood out for his kindness and love for his job – said Franco Manna, President of Rossopomodoro – to him, as to Salvatore and Vincenzo (2nd and 3rd place) my congratulations, and I extend my thanks to all the other pizza chefs who took part in the competition coming from all over the world to return to their “hometown”. During the competition each participant showed a strong union with the Rossopomodoro family and its values, like the research of the quality of materials, the long proofing and the ancient art of pizzaiolo. We are always close to pizzaiuoli and we will try every day to protect the immortality of this ancient art, as we have committed ourselves throughout the world to support for 2 years the collection of signatures to make to make reality the dream of the Art of Neapolitan Pizzaiuoli part of the Immortal Cultural Heritage of Unesco.”

Salvatore De Crescenzo

Born in Secondigliano, near Naples, in 1984, Salvatore de Crescenzo is an historic pizza chef of the Rossopomodoro family. He has worked for Rossopomodoro for more than 10 years, first in Naples, then in Alessandria, in Nice until he arrived in Copenhagen where he’s been working since the opening of the restaurant, from December 2015. Unlike many pizza makers, this art has not been handed down by the family, rather he was the one who taught his father how to prepare an authentic Neapolitan pizza. The talent and the passion of Sasà allow him to prepare a pizza that makes the difference,because he follows process of long proofing through the control of the dough with a “maniacal” care. The most requested pizza in Copenhagen? A Capricciosa, loved by Danish customers but also by Italians, and all the tourists from the world who go to Illum every day.