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Neapolitan Pizzaiuoli won UNESCO heritage status!

Rossopomodoro, in collaboration with the Italian ex Minister of Agriculture Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio, since the beginning of 2000 begins to think about a recognition for pizza makers and their art.

The aim was to push UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) to recognize the set of knowledge, traditions, rites, practices, techniques of the making of Pizza as representation of the cultural identity of a community, the Neapolitan one.



The motivation that has pushed this proposal is very simple: Italy counts a world record, the greatest number of products with protected, guaranteed and controlled denomination of origin. Each of these products is not just something material, it is rather than the result of a practice, a ritual, a traditional work generally handed down through generations it is the mirror of the identity of a community.

Rossopomodoro has always highlighted and supported the importance of the figure of pizzaiuolo, the main protagonist of what is not the simple consumption of a meal, but a sensory, emotional, intellectual experience. It is thanks to the dexterity, the experience, the passion and the love of a Neapolitan pizzaiuolo that Rossopomodoro’s pizza can be defined as authentic and traditional.

This set of elements, precisely because of the richness and the value it contains, is today the object of making imitations all over the world. Numerous investigations show how the products and the Italian culinary art are the most counterfeited in the world, marked with labels that refer to the beautiful country but that have nothing Italian. All this associated with the growing globalization that cancels food differences to create a standardized one, risks destroying an inestimable heritage.

So here is the long path, officially ended on December 7, 2017, to save all this.

“From the first moment we choose to support this proposal launched by the associations of pizza makers, by the president of the Univerde Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio Foundation, by Mulino Caputo, by Coldiretti and by the media who have supported it. Our historical idea now has a voice: the true value of pizza is in the ability of the artisans who give it life. With this decision the human factor is put in the right evidence as we do Rossopomodoro “, these are the words of Franco Manna, founder and president of Rossopomodoro.

We began in the 2014 a petition in Italy collecting in less than 24 hours more than 5000 signatures. In just over a month, the first 30,000 signatures are collected and immediately after the proposal breaks through the Italian borders to fly to London. Rossopomodoro began to act by collecting signatures in all their premises in the London reaching the peak of its success by hosting an event during the 2016 “Italian Food Week in the World” which was attended by numerous politically important figures, reaching even greater dimensions and attentions.

The interest towards this goal reaches New York 2015 collecting over 200,000 signatures. The petition becomes of worldwide interest, so here it flies to Paris, then to Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Japan, Taiwan, China, Las Vegas, Istanbul and South Africa. In less than a year, in March 2016, Naples celebrates the best possible goal: the 1,000,000 signatures have been collected! The logo of the petition, a pizza in the shape of a heart, manages to conquer everyone, even the pope who take part to it in the first person blessing it publicly.

Rossopomodoro’s role in this adventure is more and more consistent acting in first person involving over 150 pizza places in Italy and around the world along with top pizza makers like the World Champions Davide Civitiello and Teresa Iorio, ambassadors like Gino Sorbillo and all the artisans working alongside with the brand.

A history of successes brilliantly achieved reaching today a turning point. In Jeju, South Korea, the UNESCO committee unanimously voted for the recognition of the Italian candidature of the art of pizza-makers as a UNESCO heritage, stating: “The culinary know-how linked to the production of pizza, which includes gestures, songs, visual expressions, local jargon, ability to handle pizza dough, perform and share is an indisputable cultural heritage”.

Rossopomodoro can only celebrate this historic recognition by involving its stores throughout the world. “It was a fantastic long and difficult race, we were promoters from the first moment and in the end we were rewarded and those who supported it and believed in it, first of all pizza-makers, indeed, pizza-makers. A choral effort that has given its results even if no one can register a merit that is and remains a common heritage of a city, a people and a lifestyle. The next step that we hope to achieve is to make Naples the dream town where to go to learn the secular art of making Pizza”- explains the founder and President Franco Manna.

Now, we all have to enjoy this moment celebrating in all our branches around the world eating a glorious and authentic Pizza Napoletana!