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Pizza Dough Revolution!

A PIZZA revolution is happening in London and the team behind Rossopomodoro are pushing the boundaries of convention to create a new and exciting versions of this magic food that has a place in each of our guilty hearts.

Back in 2006, way before the sourdough pizza craze set in, Rossopomodoro opened their rst London neighbourhood restaurant on Fulham Road. As one of the rst restaurants to introduce this magni cent traditional dish to the London scene, things did not start easy. Customers were not used to this new ‘soft’ pizza and many of them sent them back and swore to never come back. ‘It was really interesting at the beginning,” says UK CEO Daniele di Martino. ‘Customers expected a completely different dish from the one we were serving following our Neapolitan tradition. It was our Italian friends and customers
that changed it all for us, by inviting their friends and presenting us as the real deal, and the revolution began.’ Now with eight London sites, Rossopomodoro keeps bringing traditional high-quality food from Naples to the capital and  is obsessed with never compromising when it comes to their ingredients. ‘We only use the best that our land has to offer’ explains Executive Chef Gianluca Petrone. ‘With our local Neapolitan stronghold, we select the best small local producers for ingredients to then be delivered to our kitchens where every dish is prepared fresh to order by our experienced Neapolitan Pizzaiuoli and Chefs.’ Rossopomodoro prides itself with having third and fourth generation chefs and pizza chefs as the core of their teams who bring knowledge, authenticity and that ‘sometimes chaotic but extremely entertaining’ atmosphere they want to be know for. Together, they created a new Neapolitan family for themselves in the UK while inventing new recipes and experimenting with pizza doughs. Executive chef Gianluca Petrone explains that the secret of it all lies in marrying tradition and innovation. ‘In this ever-evolving market we always try and nd ways to reinvent ourselves whilst remaining true to our tradition. With this new menu we have created new and exciting doughs that all go through the traditional 24- hour proving, granting softness and high digestibility.’ Rossopomdoro will be offering six kinds of pizzas made with four doughs: the classic Neapolitan, the bre-rich multigrain, the high protein quinoa and wholewheat, the gluten- free, the Calzoni and the new topped fried pizza, which UK CEO Daniele di Martino swears by. ‘The cure to any hangover is the fried meatball pizza with melted smoky provola cheese stuffed in the crispy golden fried dough and topped with piping hot meatballs in rich ragù sauce with buffalo ricotta cheese. Pair that with our bottomless prosecco offer at £15 and you’ll be feeding your heart, body and soul.’ The new menu is now live and with this week’s spritz on the house offer for all Metro readers, it’s the perfect time to experience the magic of Napoli in London.

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