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Enjoy the best Italian football live with us!

Dedicated to all football lovers! 

The best matches Italian football live on our big screen at Rossopomodoro Chelsea, Camden Town, Hoxton, and Swiss Cottage.

Because there’s nothing better than a pizza, a beer, and a football match!

Please contact your favourite restaurant: booking is welcome.

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Event Calendar

Date Time Event Restaurant
15th September 17:00 Napoli-Fiorentina
22nd September 17:00 Sampdoria-Inter (DAZN)
23rd September 11:30 Torino-Napoli (DAZN)
23rd September 11:30 Frosinone-Juventus
25th September 20:00 Inter-Fiorentina
26th September 20:00 Napoli-Parma
29th September 14:00 Roma-Lazio
29th September 17:00 Juventus-Napoli
06th October 17:00 Udinese-Juventus
07th October 17:00 Napoli-Sassuolo
20th October 17:00 Juventus-Genoa
20th October 19:30 Udinese-Napoli (DAZN)
21st October 19:00 Inter-Milan
27th October 17:00 Empoli-Juventus
28th October 19:30 Napoli-Roma
29th October 19:30 Lazio-Inter
02nd November 19:30 Napoli-Empoli
3rd November 19:30 Juventus-Cagliari (DAZN)
04th November 14:00 Napoli-Empoli
10th November 19:30 Genoa-Napoli (DAZN)
11th November 19:30 Milan-Juventus
24th November 17:00 Juventus-Spal
25th November 14:00 Napoli-Chievo
25th November 17:00 Lazio-Milan
25th November 19:30 Genoa-Sampdoria
1st December 17:00 Fiorentina-Juventus
02nd December 19:30 Roma-Inter
03rd December 19:30 Atalanta-Napoli
7th December 19:00 Juventus-Inter
8th December 14:00 Napoli-Frosinone
15th December 19:30 Torino-Juventus (DAZN)
16th December 17:00 Cagliari-Napoli
22nd December 19:30 Juventus-Roma (DAZN)
26th December 19:30 Inter-Napoli
29th December 11:30 Juventus-Sampdoria
29th December 17:00 Napoli-Bologna
18th September 18:00 Inter-Tottenham
18th September 20:00 Stella Rossa-Napoli
19th September 20:00 Valencia-Juventus
02nd October 18:00 Juventus-Young Boys
02nd October 20:00 Roma-Victoria Plzen
03rd October 20:00 Napoli-Liverpool
23rd October 20:00 Manchester United-Juventus
24th October 20:00 PSG-Napoli
06th November 20:00 Napoli-PSG
07th November 18:00 CSKA-Roma
07th November 20:00 Juventus-Manchester United
27th November 20:00 Roma-Real Madrid
28th November 20:00 Napoli-Stella Rossa
11th December 20:00 Liverpool-Napoli
04th October 20:00 Chelsea-MOD Vidi Chelsea
25th October 20:00 Chelsea-Bate Borisov Chelsea
29th November 20:00 Chelsea- PAOK Salonicco Chelsea