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Festa dell’Olio Novello

Festa dell’Olio Novello – a pressing engagement.
Olive oil is not just at the heart of Neapolitan cuisine, it has become an essential in kitchens everywhere else too! At Rossopomodoro we cook with it, smother it on our bruschetta and lovingly drizzle it over our pizzas.
November marks the start of the olive harvest with Festa dell’Olio Novello celebrating the first pressing of the crop. Many regions across Italy celebrate with olive tasting, activities for all the family and, most importantly, sampling the spoils of the olive harvest from live pressings.
During the harvest olives are still collected the old fashioned way, by hand. Mesh nets line the ground around the trees so every last olive can be collected. Rakes are then used to reach up and remove the olives. Tree climbers head up the tree to get the very last olives from extra tall branches. A single olive tree, with six people working on it, can take up to two hours to harvest, depending on how stubbornly the olives cling to the branches. The olives are then taken to pressing where the precious oil is extracted.
At Rossopomodoro we only ever use the best extra-virgin oil from the very first pressings of the season. This makes for a smooth, delicate and almost sweet oil – perfect for topping pizzas, drizzling on salads and whatever else might take your fancy.
If you want the tastes of Italy in your own kitchen get yourself some olive oil (be sure to get the good stuff!) Our friends at Nife is Life can help you out there.
Ciao, Abbie!