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La Tombola Neapoletana – a festive tradition

During the festive season in Napoli families and friends get together to eat, drink, laugh and play the traditional game of La Tombola, a board game much like bingo, but with a Neapolitan twist.
La Tombola has evolved from a centuries-old method of interpreting dreams and predicting the future using the numbers one to ninety. Each number is represented by a symbol or picture with a particular meaning.


There are now many different versions of the game, but the numbers all retain their ancient definitions which represent anything from religious figures to naughty bits of the human anatomy! Each is illustrated on a colourful board and, although the racier ones are metaphorically represented, not much is left to the imagination…


Nowadays at Christmas time the game is played in homes throughout Napoli for lighthearted festive fun only. Gambling on the outcome is often involved and, when passionately competitive Neapolitans get together, heated arguments can often occur. Well, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the odd family spat!

Play La Tombola and win prizes!

Join our Neapolitan tradition and play La Tombola with us.

Pick your number, enter by twitter by stating your number and meaning and including @RossopomodoroUK and #NeapolitanTombola. At 10pm we will draw the winning number and if our numbers match you win! 

We shall have a Christmas Day Draw when five numbers will be selected at random and announced on Christmas day. Match 5 numbers from all your daily entries and you WIN A PIZZA MASTERCLASS FOR 5**, match 4 numbers from all your daily entries and you win one of two pairs of tickets for our Pizza Masterclass**.

*T&Cs: One entry per person per day; the prizes have no cash value. It includes 2 mains and 2 glasses of house wine or any soft drink.  Not valid in conjunction with any other offer.

** T&Cs: One entry per day per person over the 3 weeks of the competition. No cash value. The Pizza masterclasses are held only in the London restaurants on a set calendar.