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Something fishy…

Napoli’s Porta Nolana fish market is crowded, chaotic, noisy and frenetic so, if you enjoy jostling, relish a riot, love it loud and fancy a frenzy, a visit is an experience you’ll savour. Of course. if you’re keen on fish and seafood it’s right up your street too. The market is near Piazza Nolana in the shadow of the two round towers that once guarded the ancient entrance to the city from the port.

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Unlike London’s Billingsgate Fish market which is primarily for trade buyers, Napoli’s market is where local residents shop for the ingredients for their daily meals – the Neapolitan diet being so rich in seafood. Here they can find clams, mussels and oysters; shrimp, squid and octopus; sea bass and sword fish; anchovies and sardines – all freshly harvested from the sea and artfully displayed.

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Live eels are a popular choice because Neapolitans aren’t as squeamish as the average Brit and don’t mind dispatching and gutting their own fish. However, for the price of a coffee, the expert fishmongers will do the filleting very swiftly for the more delicate shopper who’s not so keen on tackling a writhing eel with a cleaver!

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Everything required for a meal is available too with an array of stalls selling fresh vegetables and fruit, meats and cheeses, breads and pastries.
If this had made you feel a tad peckish, head to Rossopomodoro – we always have something fishy on the menu.